Las Vegas pt.2 – Home

Oh hi again, Vegas 😉


Having driven the long, dull drive, we arrived back in the city late afternoon. Checked in to our hotel (this time not on the strip, so we later encountered the need for taxis) before taking a drive to see the sign. We got lost. Drove round the airport a few times, down the Strip, back past our hotel, once more past the airport and were about to abandon our mission, when at the last second I managed to point to our left…THE SIGN! We saw the sign! We were officially welcomed to Las Vegas, the day before leaving. I didn’t stop, mind, as I was in completely the wrong lane. Satisfied though, that we had achieved that one small thing, we decided it time to return to the airport and say goodbye to our hire car, before returning to the hotel.


It was a long…









…long road!


The next day we were up reasonably early and paid for the convenience of checking out at 6pm – so asked the conceirge to hail a taxi and headed back to Caeser’s Palace for some shopping and eating. It’s ridiculous how massive that hotel complex is.

Last meal in the States - at the Cheesecake Factory.

Last meal in the States – at the Cheesecake Factory.

We ordered Guac, of course...

We ordered Guac, of course…


I won.

Before we realised what day it was, it was time to get back to the hotel to pack, before making our way to the airport one last time.

We travel light.

We travel light.

About to board our flight back home. Holidays, why you go so fast??

We have had an amazing couple of weeks here, lots of fun and plenty of laughs (mostly at my expense, but meh). We’ve seen some beautiful country, survived the odd dodgy postcode, met some incredibly friendly people (including a family from Hounslow!), driven 944 miles, eaten many delicious meals, experienced many “once in a lifetimes” and filled both our mental and camera memory cards a few times over.

Best bit? We both lived to tell this tale. Neither got fed up with the others company. Result!

So now we have a 10 hour flight ahead and we are armed with a note book, pen, and plenty of ideas for our next adventure! USA 2014 you have been a dream.

See you soon, England.
PS – peach bellinis are the one.

Having been awake for 24 hours (never been able to sleep on planes), have just arrived home. Huge thank you to Helen for being a fab travel buddy! That was one awesome holiday.




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