About Me

This is the part where I introduce myself, I suppose. I’m a twenty-something-year-old graduate, originally from the don of Lon, but moved to the outback and beyond of nowhere. Have just completed a year teaching at an international school in Kuwait, following my degree at University in the shire of sauce, where I spent half my time studying, the other half working out what people were saying.

I went to uni after a few years out, thinking I knew finally what I wanted to do with my life. I graduated back to the drawing board. There were a number of ideas fighting for space between the ears, among learning theories, educational policies, music sheets and recipe cards. Something told me it would be a game of ‘you never know unless you give it a go’. Scary, as the job market was dire, but exciting at the same time – what’s the worst that can happen? This is life! Best make the most of it.

My life-long mantra is “laugh every day….seriously….”. I’m not quite sure how or when that came about, but I kinda like it. And it’s just as well, seeing as I’m probably the only person you’ll ever meet who can get her foot stuck in a flip flop. Those mini super-glue bottles mean business. Ah well. Laughter is good for you.

I have many passions, family being at the heart of it all. Alongside that, there’s theatre – my first trip was to see Postman Pat at the Richmond Theatre, a day or two before becoming a big sister! T’was a long time ago, but I’ve been a regular theatre-goer ever since. Then, whenever there is an occasion for it, I bake cakes. Following in my Mum’s and my Grandma’s footsteps. Another dream is to have my own cake shop 🙂 not quite decided where yet, but there has to be a river, a Starbucks and a cobbled street within walking distance. Writing, art, travel, music, photography, architecture….all further interests of mine, all currently partaking in the ongoing battle of the brain.

A further passion of mine is animals. I grew up with farm and a safari park in the family! Bonkers, I know, but wouldn’t have it any other way. Whenever I have a free weekend, I love to spend time there. Jasper’s my favourite, even if he is more than twice my height. On a slightly more manageable scale, I have fourteen yr old baby ‘Millie’, our gorgeous black cat who still lives in the outback and beyond of nowhere with my parents.

One thing you’ll probably have already learnt about me….I tend to waffle on a tad. Something you will undoubtedly notice as I continue on this blogging journey.

So pour yourself a cuppa, read what you like, comment if you will, and try not to judge!

S’more random facts:

Height: 5ft 6

Favourite colour: THIS ONE

Favourite animal: My cat, Millie.

 20467_325898436186_2510866_n (1)

Likes: Family; Travelling; Architecture; Animals; Food; Photography; Illustration; Theatre; Food; History; Food; London; Food.

Dislikes: Wasps; Ice; Vomit; Delayed trains/planes;


The reason I started writing this blog was to keep family and friends (and anyone else who cares to know) informed with what’s occurring in my life, as I embark on an open-ended trip around the world.

Stay tuned for more 🙂

Em xx


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(I recently revisited my old blog for the first time in an age! It is both hilarious and cringey, reading back through my view of the world during my second year of university. If you want a laugh, click here, or for something sweeter, try this link. Who knows, maybe I’ll go through the back-log of photos and recipes and add more to that one in the future.)

Keeping things legal….

All pictures on this blog are copyright of Feeding the Travel Bug and were taken or created by me, unless otherwise noted. Please ask for permission before using and/or distributing these photos and always provide a link and citation back to the image.


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