San Diego

San Diego, you are my favourite. There’s not too much to report on this leg of the journey…just lots and lots…and lots, of R&R.


The area of town around the marina (where our hotel is nestled) is beautiful, quirky, SO clean and easy to navigate. Food here is a problem, purely because there’s so much of it to choose from and only three socially acceptable meals in a day.


We arrived on Thursday afternoon, having driven down from LA. Checked in to the beautiful hotel that is the Marriott Marquis, spent $20 on 1 hour of parking, then drove back in to town for a pootle. Valet parking is the way forward. Just saying.

When we eventually returned the car, the lil friendly manager offered us a lift back to the hotel! Enterprise customer service: A*

Yesterday was a chill in the hotel/by the pool day. We ate (treated ourselves) at the local Hawaiian restaurant overlooking the marina in the evening, before pina colada-ing it at the pool side bar as the sun set. Today was much the same! Only we ventured in to town to a local pancake house for brunch. A stroll by the marina, exploring quirky shops, then back to the pool side. Homemade tortillas with guacamole and salsa were had (we’re near Mexico btw) accompanied by a couple more pina coladas, as we nattered the evening away by one of the many fire pits.

Relaxed doesn’t begin to cover how we both felt. We have both decided we will be dedicating an entire future holiday to this place – we even contemplated shifting travel plans and staying one more day here!

BUT as we’d rather spend our remaining $$$ on new experiences, we will instead be picking up yet ANOTHER hire car tomorrow and crossing states, as we head back to Vegas!

One more day/night in Vegas before heading back to the cold reality of home.

See you again, S.D


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