Summer 2014 had a pretty hectic start: I left Kuwait mid-June; flew home; lost luggage; flew to Cannes (France) the following day to celebrate my cousin’s wedding; enjoyed a week there with family; flew home; found luggage; stayed the night with friends in Londres before heading to Gatwick once again (the next day) with my bff. Frequent flyer much?


We have known each other since…well…forever! Our parents were neighbours and friends when we were babies. Recently, Helen dug out the 1st birthday card I wrote for her (we were born 6 months apart. Why was I never approached by Mensa??). Anyway, we have been on holiday together before – Helen visited my family in Italy with me, as well as numerous visits to other UK relatives; I spent a holiday with Helen and her family in The Netherlands! A life time of amazing memories with this goon. We’d been planning this trip for a couple of years and – having both had quite testing years previously – were determined to do it in style. Was America ready for us? I’m still not sure… 












>> LAS VEGAS pt 2/HOME <<



About to board the plane selfie.




Goodbye England…


…helloooooo Nevada!


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