Los Angeles

L.A, you were okay. To be fair, it all comes down to your shoddy public transport system, if you can even call it that.

Moral of the story: don’t enter LA without a hire car.

Waiting for a bus that never came...

Waiting for a bus that never came…


Us being us, though, made good of the situation! We arrived after a LONG day driving the Pacific Coast Road. Made it to the hotel, checked in, was serenaded by Helen at the strike of 12, crashed, then awoke to a whole load of lovely birthday wishes. Oh time zones.

On my bday, we returned the car before hopping in to one of many, many, MANY taxis and…encountering…Venice Beach. The sandy bit was beautiful. They also sell frozen yogurt, which was a win. However I was half expecting to see Lenny Henry emerge from behind a sage stall, appealing to us that “for just £5 a month, you too could sponsor…“. Judgemental? Yes. But don’t tell me you’re not judging my judgement. And so it continues. Just google it.

We had lunch at a “WORLD FAMOUS” burger bar. I had the shrimp. It was very tasty.

Hollywood walk of fame was next! That is one long street let me tell you. Also where H and I adopted some sun rays. Too many rays. ‪#‎ouch‬ Decided to order dinner in. Old.

The following day was our first “do nothing” day. Having now experienced the shoddiness of public transport, opting instead for the yellow taxi and spending upwards of $100 in the process (and the pain of our previously mentioned sun rays) we decided if we couldn’t walk it, we ain’t doing it. Being foodies, we found a tasty smoke house diner thing at a local shopping mall! Helen also found her graduation dress which brings us on to yesterday…

Helen is one clever llama! She got her results in from Uni, so we celebrated in style at Universal Studios in Hollywood! I’m scared to comment about the journeys to and from the park. Beyond a joke would be the understatement of the century. I don’t want our parents to worry, so we’ll stick to the fun bits…

Studio tour, Simpsons ride, being turned in to minions, even getting H on the Jurassic Park ride (We got soaked. Not sure she has forgiven me yet…) – all in all a great day out!

LA, we both want to revisit you again WITH a car and for slightly longer, but seriously dude, get your shit together on the public transport front. Seriously.

Now on to San Diego!


<< Pacific Coast                                                                                    San Diego >>



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