Las Vegas

I can’t put in to words quite how incredible and out of this world Vegas is…


Arriving Sunday after a long but entertaining journey, we arrived at our hotel – when I say hotel, I mean city within a city – and  got on to exploring straight away. The Venetian is,  in our opinion,  the most beautiful hotel on the Strip and we are so thankful to have stayed here.


We know this place is tops BECAUSE not only did a room service breakfast see them full on lay the table, but yesterday we walked the strip (not in THAT way, please…) and paid a visit to 16 other major hotels, a couple of shopping malls, one awesome Japanese restaurant – a Hawaiian market (where I got one of my nails did!!!) – and a few side streets (may or may not have been a mistake).


Room service?!


We finished off June with a Cirque show – Mystere – which was veeeeery good. Helen has found her new party trick of choice 😉

Today we got up at stupid o’clock, before being collected by a black limo, dropped at the airport and hopping aboard helicopter 51 – piloted by Chris – on a tour of the Grand Canyon! We touched down for a champagne breakfast before heading back, learning a lot on the way.

We later (9am…) and very quickly toured the remaining few hotels in the North strip then ate at a Korean BBQ, before returning to our ‘city’ for a spa afternoon!!

Needless to say we both feel veeery chilled and excited to be here! Tonight we dine at the Sugar Factory, then tomorrow it’s on to San Francisco!


Sugar Factory cocktails DON’T disappoint…nor does the food!

This holiday has already made up for the past year 😉 loving every second of it and can’t imagine sharing the madness with anybody else (n’aww)!

Ta’ra for now ♥



San Francisco >>




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