San Francisco

San Francisco, you wee gem. We arrived Wednesday late afternoon, having flown via LA and meeting a rather interesting character by the name of Frank along the way…


After dumping our things in le hotel, we pootled off to explore the surrounding area. Eventually we reached China Town, where we found some reeeally cool (slightly nerdy) shops…


…an elderly Chinese street band who tried to entice us to have a go…


…and a whole load of restaurants! Naturally we chose the shite one. There’s a whole “epic adventure” story that goes with that statement, but I don’t have the patience to relay it.


Best restaurant in San Fran.


However we did manage to finish off the evening with some Prosecco and desserts from the bar on the top floor of our hotel ‪#‎SlummingIt‬


Fortunately the following day, the day after that and yesterday, were a whole lot better!!

As we are little geniuses…geni-i…clever, rather than wait in line for the cable car up to fisherman’s wharf, we decided to wing it and walk it. We so dumb. I mean, we got to see the city streets/that one road slowly and in detail, which was good. We didn’t die crossing a major road with no pedestrian flashy things; also good. Above all we learnt a lot about – and had time to reflect upon – ourselves. Not so good. Our level of fitness is worse than we thought. SF is also very hilly. The movies weren’t lying.

Fisherman’s Wharf was lots of fun, incl pier 39 – yep, we tourist’d that place to the ground. We also managed to get on a tour boat, so got to see the Golden Gate Bridge up close, as well as Alcatraz. OH and a sealion

More walking (and eating…experienced corn dogs…Helen met Taffy…amazing seafood on the pier…refer back to shoddy fitness levels…) and another day was done. Oh! Not before queuing for that elusive cable car to take us back to the hotel. For an hour. In the cold. It’s freezing here btw, though coming from Vegas probably doesn’t help. At least we had a couple of friendly New Yorkers to keep us amused for the duration.

My early bday treat from the lovely Helen was a trip to the zoo! Really fun day out was had (when we eventually reached it…sort your maps/buses out, America…) – thank you H!!!

Happened to be 4th July so the trams and buses, which are confusing enough on a normal day, were that much more fun today. It was a sort of “this is the right bus, but will it follow the route it says it will? Potluck” moment. Helen ordered the biggest mo fo pizza in the history of carbs this evening, which was delicious. Will sort my life out when I go home.

The following day we woke up at silly o’clock, got abandoned at our hotel, flew in a taxi, then boarded the coach to Yosemite National Park. It was a loooong day, but AWE-some. Beautiful. Nothing I say will do the place justice, so just go visit. Take your rubbish away with you though, don’t go all trampy on us, look after the wilderness we have remaining please and thank you.

So San Fran, it has been a pleasure. A cold, hilly, quirky pleasure. Today we head south – see you soon, Los Angeles!!!!!


<< Las Vegas                                                                              Pacific Coast >>



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