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Watching the world go by…


Thanks to a really cheap and cheerful brunch*, I can afford to enjoy this beaut by the harbour. Crunchy banana caramel bathed in Guylian hot chocolate. Nom.

Talk about value for money – there’s enough here for 2 servings!

What’s your go-to cafe treat?

Em xx

*I have set a daily budget for food/activities for the next month/until I start earning $$$


We found Nemo!!

Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef

Tuesday 23rd December

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“Is this a German Christmas Market? Everything is in German…”


As I write this blog…

Well, it’s December and that has to count for something. If there’s one thing Europe is good at – and it’s good at many things – it’s Christmas markets. So when winter rolls around, there’s only one thing to do…and I did it on Sunday. After all, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a bit of the ol’ festivities and this year is going to be poles apart (literally) from what we’re used to!

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When living in the country…

…buy groceries from farm shops! Things may cost a few more pennies, but you won’t get fresher or more British foods anywhere else! My Grandparents are fortunate to have a number of excellent farm shops within a ten minute drive.


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Le Chapitre…

I’m spending some time living with my grandparents in this run up to my visiting Australia. Yesterday I got an insight in to what they do during their extremely busy social lives. My first “grown up” wine do’ at Vintner’s hall in London. I almost wore a dress, but didn’t in the end. I’m not a dressy person. Thankfully, whilst the men wore black tie, the women dressed in a more smart/casual way.

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Pre-Christmas Christmas Dinner

Yesterday my family and I met at a lovely restaurant The Sheene Mill for Christmas lunch. Tad early, I know, but we usually spend every Christmas together – this year some of us will be in Australia, the others cruising the Norwegian fjords! So naturally, we had to do SOMETHING together.

Food was great, atmosphere was great – I’d highly recommend it – but the company was the best!! Family is most important to me and I feel lucky that we are able to get together like this from time to time.


Hand picked scallops with a cauliflower purée, sesame snaps and chocolate glaze.


Home made Petit fours (L – R) fudge, mince pie, dark chocolate truffle, apricot jelly

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Making pasta, the Family way…

I have many fond memories of my Nan; her humour, honesty, stories of years past, her bitter-sweet love of travel, her love of music (particularly THIS song), her loyalty to her late husband and her adoration of her family to name just a few. Random little things we realised we had in common when I stayed with her last summer – apparently we even had the same shower/bath routine…Nan found this particularly hilarious.

Something she taught me when I was a wee lass, was how to make pasta from scratch. That is one memory that I have engrained and will remember forever. She called me and my sister in to her kitchen up in Scotland – I was probably about 9 years old, my sister 6 – and told us she would teach us how to make pasta the proper/Italian way. I’m not sure if my sister stuck around long, never the sort to sit still as a child, but I was engrossed.

Home made egg pasta - Nonna's recipe

Home made egg pasta – Nonna’s recipe

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