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Change of plans…

Hi guys!!

I will be creating static pages for my upcoming adventures, so keep an eye out as they won’t appear in the WordPress “blog-feed” 😉

Want to know more? Click here, or hover your mouse over the “Australia” tab at the top of this page!

DEFINITELY looking forward to sharing these adventures with you!

Em xx


This time tomorrow…

…I’ll be waiting to board flight #2, destination: Sydney!

Not sure if this can even be called a blog post,  as I’m ready to snooze at the airport hotel before the mad journey ahead tomorrow but am so excited I just had to say something!!


Will update properly from the airport lounge tomorrow.

Goodnight UK, see you soon Australia!!

Em xx

“Is this a German Christmas Market? Everything is in German…”


As I write this blog…

Well, it’s December and that has to count for something. If there’s one thing Europe is good at – and it’s good at many things – it’s Christmas markets. So when winter rolls around, there’s only one thing to do…and I did it on Sunday. After all, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a bit of the ol’ festivities and this year is going to be poles apart (literally) from what we’re used to!

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I forgot to pack underwear…

One week from now, I’ll be on my way to enjoying less of this:

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World’s Smallest Macaroons….

It is a hobby shared predominantly amongst like-minded fanatics who – for the first hour at least – appeared to compete with one another for risk of possibly missing out on their desired miniature investments. Completely barmy, but also exquisite; a rare art form that fed both my innate curiosity and love, more appreciation, of all things art-related. The world of “proper” dollshouse collectors is definitely one to be experienced…


Grandma's dollshouse <3

Grandma’s dollshouse ❤

My time staying with the Grandparents is all too rapidly coming to an end. I will miss them SO much when I’m off on my travels. It was important to me then that we fit in as many activities as possible (whilst also enjoying some R&R, obviously) – they have such busy schedules, I was only too excited to tag along and see how they do. Last week I attended their Arts and Lits evening in a nearby  seaside town where we saw Welsh singers (and their fabulous pianist) “Trio” perform the night away. The Chapitre was also on the cards last week, which I’m glad to say I now remember far more of.

Today, I experienced a whole new level of crazy in the form of Kensington Dollshouse Festival. My Grandad has always been amazing at building things – from toys for his children to play with (way back when) to outdoor play houses for the grandchildren. One creation he is justifiyably proud of is a dollshouse he built – from scratch – for my Grandma. He began in 1990, completed a few years later and has been Grandma’s winter hobby of choice ever since. I say hobby, I’m not sure that does it justice. Continue reading

Pre-Christmas Christmas Dinner

Yesterday my family and I met at a lovely restaurant The Sheene Mill for Christmas lunch. Tad early, I know, but we usually spend every Christmas together – this year some of us will be in Australia, the others cruising the Norwegian fjords! So naturally, we had to do SOMETHING together.

Food was great, atmosphere was great – I’d highly recommend it – but the company was the best!! Family is most important to me and I feel lucky that we are able to get together like this from time to time.


Hand picked scallops with a cauliflower purée, sesame snaps and chocolate glaze.


Home made Petit fours (L – R) fudge, mince pie, dark chocolate truffle, apricot jelly

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Lest We Forget…


100 years since the start of World War 1

Remembering those who have fallen and those who continue to risk their lives to protect our country.

Today we honour you.