Birds, bees, bats and beers.

As I write this, I am sitting – extremely relaxed and loving life – in our rental apartment on Hamilton Island. Not sure if I’m dreaming, I’ve never witnessed a place so beautiful before.

View from the house

View from the house

Typically, the day I flew up here (Saturday) was the day JetStar had an IT fault so the airport was chaos. I’m extremely lucky my flight wasn’t one of the many cancelled. All stress was forgotten though, as soon as I landed on this beautiful island. Two hours (flying) north of Sydney, this place can only really be described as a tropical paradise. It’s humid here, which was a shock on the system to begin with, but you soon get used to it.

I have been here two nights and two full days and so far I have enjoyed the following:

  • Sunset sail around the islands (with unlimited bubbles and nibbles included)
  • Held a koala ❤
  • Explored the island on our golf buggy
  • Photo-op at the lookout point (wherever you look, the views are breathtaking and change every day) – incl. sunset
  • Dinner at a fabbo restaurant
  • Christmas church service
  • Half-day snorkelling and bathing on Whitehaven beach (we saw a TURTLE!!!)
  • Awesome boat trip to and from said beach ^^^
  • Chilling on the balcony, becoming acquainted with the local cockatoos, amongst other tropical birds
  • Numerous refreshing cocktails (incl. some free tester combos. I’ve obviously got that face)
  • Watching giant fruit bats stretch their wings as the sun sets behind a neighbouring island.

So far it has been an incredible experience and to say we are relaxed would be an understatement. Finding time to blog has been difficult! In fact I’m only able to do it now because I decided it was probably time to back up the photos from this past week.

Couple more days here before we head back south for a family Christmas. Definitely not wishing my life away…I could quite happily move here!! In fact, there are job ads in a couple of places on the island 😉 watch this space.

Will check in again next weekend with a more detailed update! Right now, I’m too relaxed to type properly. Enjoying switching off.

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, wherever you are in the world ❤

I know, proper emosh. Kenny was a cutie though.

I know, proper emosh. Kenny was a cutie though.

Em xxx


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