Are you gonna eat that?

Sydney: Day 2

GOOD MORNING SYDNEY!! I woke up today feeling uber optimistic and ready to go. Well, not ready to go – I’m still waiting on luggage – but “ready to go” as in energised, awake, etc. THEN I checked the status of my luggage and guess what??! No, no not bad news…we’re making progress!!

They obviously read my blog and realised they would be dealing with two jet lagged, switched on Brits later today. That’s the other thing keeping me all excited. My wee sister arrives in Oz this arvo (check out the lingo kids)!! AHHH 😀 she’s literally just landed in Hong Kong, so one more flight to go. There’s a (rather long) story behind why my family aren’t travelling together – mainly due to when we all booked flights, trying to fit them in around each of our own schedules. It’s all good though. Let the reunion commence.

Caught sight of myself in the mirror a moment ago and let me tell you, my things can’t arrive soon enough. Yesterday I was complimented on looking so fresh considering I’d just arrived in the country. Much like my hangovers, I feel this is another one of those reversed situations. I look rough. Still, things are finally showing signs of progressing now. I stocked up on fruit and cereal bars yesterday, so that’s breakfast/brunch sorted. Here’s hoping everything arrives in time for me to freshen up before lunch, so I can finally get out there and mingle!

I’ve been living off a copious amount of fruit, the stuff I bought yesterday. It’s fine, I love the stuff an in large quantities is actually pretty filling. My life changed, however, when I was watching a catch-up episode of Once Upon A Time in between communication attempts with the luggage folk. I was just lying here, minding my own business, perfectly content when BAM – a waft of deliciousness passed under my hostel door, in to my nostrils and immediately began messing with my brain. No joke, I was instantly hungry, stomach grumbles, the works. I realise, thinking about it, that I haven’t had  a proper cooked meal since Sunday. All this time I was content with the peaches, grapes, tomatoes and multigrain bars that I had forgotten about hot food.

So I went on a mission. The term mission is a lie. I googled food places. Turns out I’m staying on the boarder of China Town and there are TONNES of foodie places within crawling distance. Even better, “It’s Time for Thai” allows you to pre-order your meal then gives you a collection time; BETTER STILL, it is literally just across the street. Of course, that’s what I ended up doing. Tofu and veg pad Thai with chicken satay….ohhh my it was DELICIOUS!! Happy tummy!

My day got that much brighter when, whilst chowing down, I noticed that my suitcase had been delivered!!!! WOOOO!! I’m now off to fetch it. Human Emily will rejoin society in precisely 1 hour…

My key broke. I swear my life is some sort of tragic comedy. It should be a silent film.

After travelling up and down in the lift, unable to access my floor, I returned – WITH MY SUITCASE 😀 – to the reception desk to get the key card fixed/replaced. I swear these people feel sorry for me. It has been quite the first impression.

Made it to my room, now the complete traveller. Unpacked and re-packed my case before HAVING A SHOWER!! It’s the little things folks. Okay so I realised as I was unpacking that I was supposed to buy some shampoo when I got here and didn’t – in fairness, my mind was elsewhere – but no worries. Hair can wait another day, it’s looking passable. The rest of me, I’m relieved to say, is now clean and shiny! Well, not shiny. Clean. Anyway.

Had a nap (I’m getting old, what is this?!) and awoke to a message from my sister saying she has arrived!!! Relief, as for a while whilst flying over Indonesia her plane dropped off the radar. Completely. I panicked. All good though. She’s here and I’m now off to meet her at the station. Reuuuuniooooon!!

She’s here! It’s SO good to see her. All settled, got her a towel (which apparently you have to pay for? So that rack of towels wasn’t a free for all? Ooops….) freshened up and now we’re off for a waddle. Some fresh air, a few bottles of water and a catch up will be just the ticket.

So that waddle turned in to a full on stroll down to Darling harbour. We left just before midnight yet there are so many people about! Yes, some people were out clubbing etc, but there were people eating out, having a social drink, walking about. It was really nice! Sydney is so clean…well, there was one cockroach, but we’ll call him Ian and let him be.

Christmas has definitely arrived here! There are inflatable santas everywhere, street lights dressed in santa attire, santa faces on the floor, christmas trees left right and centre. It’s easy to forget that Christmas is coming, what with it being hot here. I guess that’s why they put extra effort in to making it look the part. Not complaining!

Slurpies and TimTams purchased en-route back to the hostel. We’ve had a good and proper catch up, many laughs etc. So glad to have my sister here.

Sydney, you’re looking better by the day.

Em xx


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