Who needs clothes anyway???

Sydney: Day 1

Good morning Sydney! I feel we got off to a rough start, so let’s wipe the slate and start again, okay? Okay.

Slept like a log last night, though woke at a surprisingly decent time this morning. Glad to hear the siege in the centre is over now, though sad to hear two innocent people were killed as a result. These terrorists really need to do one.

Am about to waddle down to reception to see if my suitcase has arrived yet. I reeeeally hope so, as wearing the same clothes for what would technically be a third day does not appeal. Will probably definitely go on a hunt for food after that. Spending $3 last night on a bottle of water kinda put things in perspective for me! I’ma gonna have to get a job quickly. There’s the holiday bit to enjoy first, but I will be keeping an eye out for things as I’m out and about.

For now though, let’s hope my luggage is here and I can calm my grumbling stomach. I’m armed with a map and ready to go. Bring it.

No suitcase. Not yet anyway. Never mind! I went for a stroll to suss out the immediate area – which looks a BAZILLIONS times nicer during the day – found a Woolies where I stocked up on water (now 89c) and food. It’s going to be impossible to be unhealthy here and that makes me v.happy. Bumped in to a fellow expat trying to sell me travel deals and ended up having a natter about what we’re both doing here – apparently I look well rested for someone who has just travelled half way around the world! I’ll take that.

One other hiccup I encountered when I went to charge my (now almost dead) laptop was that I’d brought the wrong adaptor fitting with me. DOH!! SO now I’m going to explore the hostel facilities before tracking down a place to buy adaptors. I’d really appreciate to discover now if I’ve forgotten anything else, so I can get it all sorted.

Annnd off we go again…

Good news is the hostel sells adaptors! Bad news is my suitcase still hasn’t arrived. Having woken up feeling fresh and ready to go, the tiredness is now starting to hit me, which is just as well otherwise I’d feel guilty for not exploring the city. I’m so desperate for a shower and some fresh clothes it’s no longer amusing! It’s now 5pm here and I’m about to sign on and check again where my luggage is. I’ve a horrible feeling my phone bill is going to be through the roof at this rate, but if I need to call them to find out what’s occurring, I will.

So they hung up on me. To be fair, it happened before I got a word in edgeways, but they still hung up on me. Naturally then, I do the most British thing possible; write a letter. IN FACT, I wrote 2 letters! That’ll show ’em. One to Emirates, one to the Sydney baggage service people. At this rate my sister will be in Australia before my clothes. I’m slowly regretting not buying that Cadbury chocolate bar from Woolies earlier. Two hours and 9 minutes minutes until the wine gets cheaper here in the hostel. I don’t even have any pretty pictures to post yet!

Can you guess what stage I am at now?

Well I guess this is one of the joys of travelling. Every once in a while suitcases get lost. This is just the second time it has happened to me this year!! I know it’s boring but I’ve been stuck to my computer all evening waiting to hear something. Anything. I can’t go out, socialise with people I’ve never met and really feel comfortable enough to enjoy myself when I’ve been wearing the same clothes for 3 days including travelling (we all know what happens when you’re sitting on planes for hours on end) – I’m a mess. Dishevelled would be the word.

This is the email I received from Emirates, soon after sending my initial complaint to them:

I replied with the requested details straight away annnnd haven’t heard back. So I’m abandoning ship and going to bed. My sister is now en-route to Oz, which is exciting!! I joked about her arriving here before my luggage…think I may have jinxed it? If my suitcase isn’t here by tomorrow morning I’m going to have to find a shop and buy SOMETHING different to wear. Not what I wanted to spend my holiday savings on, but there you have it.

I feel I’ve been robbed of my first day in Sydney. Good job I’m going to be here a while!! We’ll just write this off as a “sorting things out” day, shall we? Keep it positive. Mind you, they’re going to want to get their shit together before tomorrow evening because at the moment they’re only dealing with one of me…dealing with me AND my sister? Enjoy that.

Let’s see what happens.


Em xx


5 responses to “Who needs clothes anyway???

  1. Hope it will be there tomorrow…


  2. Such a welcome to Sydney hey! Hope you enjoy it.. you’ve just missed a week of storms so hopefully the rest of summer will be amazing 🙂


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