Just arrived at the hostel, purchased wifi and found room – now ready for a snooze having been awake for over 30 hours. So that’s the good bit…



Flying in to the sun rise

However. First flight was delayed, resulting in my sprinting like a god-knows-what through Dubai airport, putting my Kuwaiti queuing skills to good use so as to save 20 minutes at security, barely making it to my plane on time. Sat down annnnd phew. Relax. It was one of those new A380s and I have to say I was impressed with how much space there was. Didn’t sleep a wink, but fortunately found myself sitting next to really nice, friendly people on both flights, so that’s a bonus.

Just one (other) problem though. Well, besides learning whilst perusing the news page whilst somewhere over the Maldives about the whole Sydney terrorist thing. That was a tad annoying to read. But yes, one other problem. My luggage failed to make the connection. Well what can I say? I manage to run from one end of an extremely busy Dubai airport to another, through security, up and down stairs before eventually reaching le plane on time, but a couple of men on a pumped up golf kart can’t get a bag from one plane to another. Insh’allah it would happen. It didn’t.

My standing like a lemon waiting for the bag that never came resulted in me missing the (apparently) final shuttle bus to the hostel, phoned the hostel and told to get a train. Where’s the train? Found the train, paid $17 to go 4 stops, left the station at the correct place, got lost amongst a load of drunken expats and prostitutes (at midnight), played “translate my questions” with a Chinese hotel manager before eventually finding said hostel only to find the doors were locked. Eventually got the dudes attention, checked in, purchased wifi and a bottle of water (poor guy looked scared…) and FINALLY made it to my room. I’ve no towel to shower with and no clean clothes to change in to, so that’ll be a laugh tomorrow. Might just stay in my room and play solitaire. Well, with an insane terrorist holding up a city cafe, I’d probably be safer.

In theory my suitcase will be delivered to the hostel tomorrow morning after it arrives on the 6am flight; however the guy at the desk pointed out “If you haven’t heard anything by lunch time, give us a call”. So I won’t hold my breath.


At least I’m here. And I don’t mean to jinx it, but things really can only get better. Lou arrives on Wednesday so things will definitely get better then.

G’night all. Wonder what tomorrow’s adventures will entail…


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