Migrating south for winter

Today’s the day!!

After a mad packing, repacking then packing again session (Laura, Frances and Maria I can not thank you enough!), driving down to London (thanks mum and dad!!!), the annual family Christmas lunch, a zip down to the airport hotel (thanks Mark) an early wake up call and a short bus ride to the terminal, I checked in and made my way to the airport lounge. Why I’ve never done this before I don’t know.

So now I sit and wait. 24 hours from now (delays permitting) I will be in Sydney.

It’s a really weird thought tbh. I’ve known it was coming up quick since making the decision to stay out in October. But now it’s today and I’m not convinced it’s real. Probably due to my mental tiredness c/o waking up every 3 hours last night to check the clock. Am really hoping to sleep on the plane, but I won’t hold my breath!

Have I packed everything I need? Probably. Have I packed too much? Most likely. Meh. It’ll be fine.

Want to have a power nap but that would only eliminate any chance of me sleeping on the plane…so I’ll eat pickled onions instead. Not sure how they will help, but they can’t hurt.

First. World. Problems.

Will check in when I arrive in Oz, wifi permitting.

Bring on the warmth.

Love and hugs,
Em xxx

PS – had a really exciting conversation last night and some even more exciting news BUT I CANT TELL YOU WHAT IT IS. Yet. Yes, I am being that person. You’ll find out soon enough. In the mean time I’ll just.sit here in my excited bubble and be excited. ♡


2 responses to “Migrating south for winter

  1. Have a good flight! It will be kind of a long one 🙂


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