My insides are black and white!

Hey guys!

Today I received an email informing me that my Working Holiday Visa application had been approved!!! WOOHOO! Not that it came without a last minute hiccup…

Earlier this week I received an email from the Aussie Immigration people telling me that I was required to undergo a chest x-ray as a condition towards getting my visa approved. Recently it seems there has been one thing after another after another popping up, adding to the list of things I need to do and the £££ leaving my bank account (and at this point, my Nationwide online banking was STILL not accessible). This was just something else to add to my now infuriating list. Of course, they only accept tests carried out at a select few – private – clinics, so this latest addition would set me back £100. At this point I should mention that it could be worse, they could have requested I undergo a full medical at the cost of nearly £300. So really, I was lucky.

Yesterday we drove down to Brentwood and I was amazed at how efficient the service was. We had allowed plenty of time as it has been extremely foggy here in the UK recently – so naturally, we were 40 minutes early. They saw to me right away though, pointing me in the direction of a changing room where I changed in to an extremely (cue sarcasm) sexy hospital gown which would NOT stay tied at the back. Very quickly I waddled across the male-dominated waiting room, doing my best to hold the gown closed, before entering the x-ray room. Couple of minutes later, I was done. The nurse returned having examined my results to say all was fine, before I interrupted in the most polite way possible; could I see my x-ray??? She said yes! So I followed her back to the staff-only area where I stared at this strangely familiar image on a screen. Familiar due to the copious episodes of Casualty and Holby I’ve watched over the years. But those were my lungs, that was my heart. She even pointed out that I have a spine! Who knew?! I could feel the “weirdo” gazes coming from the technicians in the office, but I didn’t care about that. I was looking at the insides of my chest and it was the COOLEST THING EVER. I’m glad to report that all was clear, so again, very fortunate. Also, hearts are larger than I realised.

Australia, there’s no escaping me now!!

*not my actual x-ray

Oh and I can now legitimately confirm, on the inside, we are all the same.

Em xx

** also, check out my now completed Thailand pages here!


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