Pre-Christmas Christmas Dinner

Yesterday my family and I met at a lovely restaurant The Sheene Mill for Christmas lunch. Tad early, I know, but we usually spend every Christmas together – this year some of us will be in Australia, the others cruising the Norwegian fjords! So naturally, we had to do SOMETHING together.

Food was great, atmosphere was great – I’d highly recommend it – but the company was the best!! Family is most important to me and I feel lucky that we are able to get together like this from time to time.


Hand picked scallops with a cauliflower purée, sesame snaps and chocolate glaze.


Home made Petit fours (L – R) fudge, mince pie, dark chocolate truffle, apricot jelly

It’s going to be a different experience this year, celebrating Christmas with a different group of relatives, minus grandparents (thank god for skype), on the other side of the world…in summer! But it is something I’m looking forward to.

If we can avoid the spiders, snakes and sharks, that’d be grand.


My Grandparents are cute…


28 days and counting…

Em xx


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