Vaccinations, Visas and Mr Bean.

As with any trip – whether a day out in London, a two week trip to Italy, or an eighteen month global escapade – there is always something to sort out before you go. The longer the duration and greater the distance travelled, the more there is to do. Pretty obvious logic. Deciding to up sticks and move to the other side of the world is probably the most exciting thing I’ve ever embarked on, however it also brings with it a WHOLE load of things to think about.

Included in that list you have: sorting visas; finalising work placements; finding somewhere to live; vaccinations; eye tests (for those of us blind enough to require such extras); PACKING FOR AN UNKNOWN PERIOD OF TIME WHICH WILL INEVITABLY EXTEND ACROSS ALL SEASONS, TO INCLUDE WORK-APPROPRIATE CLOTHES AS WELL; ensuring you spend time with your nearest and dearest before you go as it’s unlikely they will be boarding a flight to visit you any time soon and you probably won’t see them until 2016; spoiling the cat…she is 14 years old…; scrimping and saving to ensure you can afford to do this properly; eating healthier and attempting some form of physical exercise so you can leap in to your new life with an ounce of self confidence; and tying up the loose ends that still remain from your decision not to return to Kuwait. Did I miss anything? Probably. There’s just SO much to sort out.

It’s all good though, I’ll write a list. In fact, I’ll write a number of lists. Maybe bring out the ol’ school stationary and colour code it whilst I’m at it. I may even find a folder to keep all of my lists in. The chances of me doing all of this is high. The chances of me putting said folder in a “safe place” and forgetting where that “safe place” is, also high.

As there’s not really a great deal to blog about this side of the 14th December, here’s what I’ll do; I will write a list of things that MUST be done this coming week. I have access to the car, it’s the school holidays, no excuse not to get it done. Next weekend, I will check back in with the blog and – with any  luck – confirm that I have successfully completed everything on that list. You can all hold me to it and stare me down in a belittling manner if I fail.

The list:

  • Book doctors appointment for vaccinations
  • Confirm job with company
  • Sort Working Holiday Visa for Australia
  • Email Australian family to let them know I’m staying in the country (probably should prioritise this…)
  • Book connecting flights with STA
  • Finalise arrangements to have remaining stuff shipped back from Kuwait
  • Travel insurance
  • Play money-musical-chairs at the bank
  • Tidy room
  • Put the bins out on Monday

So there it is. Not too much to sort out really. I have a whole week to do it, so it’s all good. It’ll get done.

And if I have a mid-mid-life crisis and feel like I’m not cut out for this, there’s always Bean to cheer me up…

Wish me luck!

Em xx


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